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Management Certification of North America (MCNA) formally operated under the name of Moody International Certification, Inc. (MIC). MIC was the North American Division of Moody International Certification Group, a global registrar with certifications issued in over 40 countries. In the current climate of Registrar consolidations and acquisitions, with larger Registrars acquiring smaller organizations, MCNA stands out. We have taken the opposite path.
The MIC management team wanted to assure that the level of service provided to our clients throughout the United States and Canada could be elevated, not diminished, could be increasingly customized, not institutionalized, and we could continue to provide effective, value added audit and certification services in accordance with our ANAB accreditation to ISO 17021. We wanted to assure that the extraordinary loyalty we experience from our clients could continue, based upon the level of service that we provide. The solution? A management buyout of the North American MIC operation. The management team and new owner have operated accredited Registrar programs since 1991 and may be one of the most experienced in the industry. Tom Harris, President of the Registrar, says that the new name was adopted to reflect the company’s purpose and services, the auditing and certification of its clients’ management systems to globally recognized standards.
MCNA is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas and maintains an auditor center in Quebec, Canada. Our auditors are strategically located throughout North America.

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