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Do you want to provide your customers with confidence that you can consistently provide them with conforming goods and services?

Risk mitigation, Airworthiness and Safety considerations in Supply Chain Management
Aircraft / Aerospace Assessments
The globally accepted quality management standard for aircraft/aerospace suppliers is AS9100.
Based on ISO 9001, but with a significant number of additional requirements specific to aircraft/aerospace, AS9100 provides suppliers with a comprehensive quality system focused on areas directly impacting product safety and reliability in the Aerospace industry.
Aerospace OEMs are required to maintain a rigid standard for their product quality as the risk of failure can be catastrophic. These requirements for proper material and parts handling are flowed down through the supply chain to ensure proper controls over suppliers and purchased products.
Maintenance of an accredited AS9100 certification can provide these purchasers with confidence of your commitment to quality and understanding of the significance of risk mitigation in the purchasing process.
AS9001 helps organizations of any type and size with quality management systems including:
   • Increased transparency in Product Life Cycle through proper configuration management
   • Fulfilling customers' quality requirements related to product design and product realization
   • Control of Downstream purchasing for increased traceability to source
   • Increased Customer Satisfaction
   • Achieving continual performance improvement
   AS9100 provides a framework of requirements for management to address customer focus, process the management approach, and pursue continuous performance improvement.
   Expected Outcomes from implementing an effective AS9100 Management System

  The AS9100 standard is based on management principles that can be used by senior management as a framework to guide organizations toward improved performance. A well implemented AS9100 Management System can:
       • Formalize Good Working Practices, including fulfillment of customer requirements
       • Assure satisfaction and added value to customers
       • Streamline processes and ensure continual improvement
       • Enhance analysis of production data to improve product quality and delivery
       • Reduce costs for quality, such as Product Scrap, Rework and Rejections
       • Open the door to New Aerospace Customers who demand high standards in product realization methodologies.

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